Trying to Conceive and Get Pregnant Quickly

Trying to conceive is not always as easy as others would have you believe, but that’s Mother Nature for you, and her timetable is not always on the same page as yours. So in trying to conceive lets work out how you can apply some simple techniques in speeding up your desired result of getting pregnant.

Lots of women can read their bodies signals well and predict their ovulation like clockwork; but hey some of us need a little help and predicting when ovulation is going to take place, because when trying to conceive we are not all the same.

Firstly, let’s remember that ovulation is the key here when trying to conceive, so it’s that once a month event when you can get pregnant, therefore your window of opportunity is going to be around your ovulation. So couples should have sex one to two days before ovulation, and hopefully this will take the stress out of continual performance for both of you.
Myths; first lets get of rid of that most popular myth, that all women ovulate on day 14 of their cycle, we are all different. Therefore, and this is crucial you have got to know when you ovulate as you have to get that egg and sperm together in exactly the same time and place. So timing is everything, so having sex too early or too late will limit your chances of trying to conceive, but let’s not get stressed out.

The best way to figure this out is counting the days and to figure out when you are ovulating to track your menstrual cycles. Result; give you a best idea when you are most likely to ovulate. This coupled with recognising your fertility signs could result in your success of trying to conceive, rather than having sex too early or late.

If you ovulate around day 14 before the start of your cycle and your menstrual cycles are 28 days apart, you’re ovulating on day 14, if your cycles are longer say like 32 days you probably won’t be ovulating until day 18. If you have 25 day cycle your O day won’t be until close to day 11. So timing is everything, you do not want to have sex 1 day after ovulation if you want to get pregnant, you want the sperm waiting there and sperm can live longer than your eggs in your cervical mucus. Sperm can live up-to 5 days although the normal lifespan is 2 – 3 days, whilst your eggs only live around 24 hours. So if you have sex a few hours after ovulation, your chances of trying to conceive are not as good as the egg has started to disintegrate and the sperm will not have the time to fertilise it. Therefore, it’s better to have the sperm waiting there to improve your chances of trying to get pregnant. Click here to Work out your O Day.

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