What’s the Meditation and Fertility Connection? and how can it help?

Is meditation and fertility connected? This is a question we are often asked, the simple answer is yes and why because meditation is known to reduce stress levels, blood pressure and heart rate and readdress hormonal imbalances, address any luteal phase defects, if you have irregular menstrual cycles.

Plus, it will help you if you’re going through any IVF treatment. Meditation also helps increase your energy levels and reduce any gastronomical problems. So if you reduce your stress levels by meditation then you hopefully will increase your chances for conception. So meditation and fertility are connected, doing one can help the other. Meditation is an excellent way in which to boost your overall health and learning relaxed breathing techniques through meditation is an effective and easy way to overcome your infertility. Learning the easy steps, the mind-body practices, produces a calming response within, and has been practiced by thousands people for centuries. When you are relaxed and calm your body then starts its own healing and rejuvenation so yes meditation and fertility are connected, and using simple mediation techniques, full fertility can be restored.

The key of meditation is mindfulness, that is, to achieve a state of mind in which one is aware of their surroundings. Meditation techniques are fairly simple. By sitting quietly with good postural alignment, one should focus on breathing, taking slow, even breathes in and out. Focusing on a word or phrase (such as peace, joy, compassion) it is also helpful in relaxing the mind and stress reduction.

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Fertility Meditation ~ In the video below Dalene Barton will share a simple meditation you can use for your fertility to help you clear your negative thoughts and create a "Blue Sky Mind".

While the link between infertility and stress is unclear, many experts agree that keeping a positive frame of mind is essential when trying to conceive and when undergoing fertility treatments like IVF, which can be very stressful. Meditating can help you become in-tune with your body, as when you are relaxed and at ease and not feeling stressed or overwhelmed by worry, so it helps you feel at peace you then feel more at ease with yourself, the world and your life! Your body is then rebuilding and self-healing is thought to occur so meditation and infertility are connected and through simple breathing techniques that become second nature then you can overcome your infertility problem.

Yoga, which includes meditation, is also helpful. Fertility Yoga is for couples having trouble conceiving and combines traditional yoga postures and postures that are able to improve individuals reproductive health. Yoga for fertility improves both female and male infertility by reducing stress levels. One example of fertility yoga is a forward bending posture, which is useful because the lower abdomen, home of the chakra (the body's main energy center), controls the reproductive organs. Click here for your DVD to help you achieve Peace of Mind and Ultimate Relaxation to help your efforts to conceive.

Learn the holistic benefits of Fertility Yoga by looking at the video below. Fertility Yoga practice is a great way to help aid you in healing fertility issues and prepare for pregnancy. It can be done by both men and women. In this video you will learn about the benefits of Fertility Yoga.

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