Herbal Infertility Treatment – Does it work?

Herbal infertility treatment does it work? Herbs have been used for centuries in infertility treatment, but in the West studies on safety and benefits have been few, but that is beginning to change. The National institute of Health (NIH) in the US is now studying the effectiveness of many herbs and some other alternative medications. It should be remembered that herbal infertility treatment needs to be practiced by someone with knowledge of the herbs used in infertility; this is not a Do-It-Yourself practice, you should inform your doctor, who can advise you on interactions of their use if taken with other medications and their effectiveness.

The following list below gives you the most popular herbs used in herbal infertility treatment. This list only represents a small sample of herbs that are used and is representative of herbs that are either of Chinese or Western origin.

• Dong quai – is used in a variety of symptoms including restoration of menstrual regularity, to treating menopausal symptoms. Do not take during IVF cycle, as it is a blood thinner or do not take if you have heavy periods.

• Black cohosh - - known for its estrogenic qualities, used to relieve symptoms of the menopause (hot flashes, facial flushing etc). Often recommended to increase estrogen production, although there is not any scientific proof. Beware has side effects such as dizziness, increased perspiration, lowers pulse rate, and nausea.

• False Unicorn Root – Often used by Native Americans to improve menstrual irregularities and alleviates problems associated with the menopause and infertility due to irregular follicular formation.

• Red Clover – Used to boost estrogen in the women’s body but should be avoided in cases of estrogen excess (uterine fibroids, endometriosis, breast cancer). Thought to have an alkalinizing effect on the body and so make the body more receptive to sperm. Sometimes used for chronic/repeated miscarriage.

• Milk Thistle is a powerful herbal infertility treatment as it will detox and cleanse the liver so you will get better hormone regulation, and a healthier body in general which is important when trying to get pregnant. A fertility cleanse is one of the best steps you should take in preparation for your pregnancy, as it focuses on balancing the body and then your body will be at its optimal level, which is very fertile. Click Here for your Fertility Cleanse Kit

• Red Raspberry leaves – A uterine toner, reports to increase the uterine lining thickness, therefore making the uterus more receptive to the embryo. Beware causes uterine contractions and should NEVER be taken in during pregnancy. Learn from the video how to make a nourishing pregnancy preparation tonic tea, which is very healing for female fertility! This video highlights the medicinal and nutritive properties of the herb red raspberry leaf.

• Primrose Oil – Thought to increase cervical mucus to make it easier for sperm to get to your egg. Beware of thinning of uterine lining, making potential implantation difficult. Click here for herbal infertility treatment to increase cervical mucus.

• Nettle leaves – considered to be a uterine tonic that prepares the uterus for implantation of the embryo better (There is no scientific evidence to substantiate this).

• VITEX – often known as the chaste tree berry used to regulate hormones in females, making it a good herbal infertility treatment option. Used to increase luteinizing hormonal levels and aid egg release. Also used for progesterone increase so use only when you ovulate, if taken before can keep you from releasing egg, thought to help regulate and lengthen your cycle to give the embryo a chance to implant. Vitex is slow releasing so it can take several months for any effect to occur or for full plasmic effect sometimes up to 12 cycles.

• Wild Yam – take in small doses as thought to increase progesterone production do not take until ovulation occurs or in large doses as acts as a contraceptive. Fertilaid for Women to help you balance your hormones and induce ovulation. See below for more Details.

FertilAid is one of the leading herbal infertility treatment supplements on the market, it is doctor-approved, ObGyn-recommended. FertilAid fertility supplements are designed to enhance fertility and improve your chances of conceiving. FertilPlus for women is a blend of organic and wild-crafted herbs, scientifically proven to increase your fertility by 330%. It is the only fertility supplement that offers complete preconception vitamin support.

This product is designed to assist the efforts for conceiving a baby through providing ideal amounts of ingredients that can greatly improve female fertility. It will work as the most complete prenatal vitamin that a woman can take and add additional herbal remedies and cycles naturally.

While this supplement like a lot of other supplements have not the most pleasant of taste and smells, part of the reason for this is that there are no unnecessary ingredients such as color or preservatives.

With trying to have a baby, it is not truly ideal to add unnecessary elements so in answering the question does herbal infertility treatment work? Answer; Lots of women especially those Over 40 have found that the alternative herbal infertility treatment has really helped them to conceive quickly.

Here's what it contains:

* Chaste Tree - balances hormones and stimulates ovulation by raising progesterone levels by an average of 56%

* Green Tea - used in Chinese Medicine to treat female reproductive problems including infertility and frequent miscarriage. Increases fertility by 260% when combined with Chaste Tree.

* Black Cohosh - balances estrogen levels and protects eggs from aging, free radical and DNA damage

* Muira Puama - increases libido in women, and is a natural antidepressant

* Siberian Ginseng - helps the body deal with stress, boosts the endocrine system and has anti-aging properties

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But Medicinal herbs are used widely for the prevention of illnesses and diseases and often used in recipes and spiritual ceremonies for centuries. Also, medicinal herbs are more frequently used by modern doctors in the West today to aid in the recovery process from recent illnesses. For additional information on herbs,spices and edible oils and their medicinal uses visit Healthy Herbs and Spices.com

Remember: Some couples, for whatever reason, just need a little extra help to conceive and herbal infertility treatment does that.

Many couples have been through this and are now happy parents while others have found that it does take a while. Helping you body adjust to becoming more healthy can take time. Having a baby requires patience and composure, and when considering a new treatment or option, perseverance and fortitude should be exercised.

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