What is the cost of infertility treatment in the US?

There are lots of ways of looking at the cost of infertility treatment. Not always obvious and many ignore the emotional cost and concentrate on just the financial cost of infertility treatment. They are both important, and each needs to be looked at and considered, in order to know what can potentially lie ahead both emotionally and financially.

Emotional cost of infertility

The emotional cost of infertility can be high, we could be talking a long time and that can take its toll and last much longer, longer than the hit to your bank account. When looking at the emotional costs, you think about how it affects your relationships with your partner, your family and your friends, and then there is you and your self-esteem. This last point is probably the most important, because it’s you that has to go through with it all both mentally and physically.

At infertility –answers.com we think support is the key so that should come from your partner, your family and your friends after all everyone needs a little help from time-to-time. Above all be honest with them all, it will pay in the long run.

Another thing to think about is you, you are in for the long haul although you hope its not going to be a long and difficult battle. To keep stress at bay make sure you have realistic expectations, it may happen within a month, but it may not, do not set yourself up for a fall, keep yourself grounded.

The emotional cost of infertility can be high personally, think that you are in this for the long haul and try to keep setbacks to a minimum and be positive over those areas where you have control over reducing your emotional cost of infertility and do not worry about things you can not affect. Click here on how we can help with infertility stress. If the infertility issues are not yours directly, but perhaps something you share with your partner or maybe all his, you will both have your up and down moments and the downside can be hard going, but by sharing and by communicating, together you can both come through it and often for the better.

Another top tip is that if you have some close friends, discuss with them your feeling and concerns, sometimes we all need a valve to let off a bit pressure, and often it is also good to talk close trusted friend. Although if in a group of friends maybe set some ground rules on when you’re ready to talk, as sometimes our friends will keep asking questions/news and this can be annoying, tell them you will tell them when there is something to tell, and explain why, this often works well with friends and family.

Financial Cost of infertility in the US.

The financial cost of infertility in the US is bit like asking how long is a piece of string, it depends on where you live, what state/county, each are so variable. The US health system is so different for example from the UK. Click here for UK Treatment Costs.

But, in the US the cost of Infertility treatment starts out pretty low, when purchasing an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) between $10 - $15 and around a similar figure for a basal body thermometer. Then there are books and guides and this is the less expensive end of, cost of infertility treatment wait until the professionals get their hands on you, then you really start spending.

Often, the first place people turn to is to see if their health insurance policies cover them. The question of insurance, is a biggie, starting at the beginning, currently only 15 US states have laws requiring insurance coverage for infertility, see table below:

US States with laws requiring insurance coverage for infertility:

Arkansas California Connecticut
Hawaii Illinois Louisiana
Maryland Massachusetts Montana
New Jersey New York Ohio
Rhode Island Texas West Virginia

If you do not live in one of the above states, then you will be paying straight out of your bank account. If you do have insurance look at the small print because often as not a lot is covered and this saves you huge amount of time. Insurance plans vary, some only cover monitoring usually ultrasound and blood samples but this can be well over $2,000 per cycle, others only cover the medications, this is a help but no means covers the total cost of infertility treatment.

It is best to know beforehand what your policy covers, often it is wise to get a commitment from your insurer before seeing your healthcare provider. You could write a letter called a “pre-authorization or predetermination letter” asking what is covered. If you are denied,, try re-submitting by addressing the issues on which you were denied, be a detailed as possible and check any typing errors sometimes a zero in the wrong place can be it.

Lots of insurance companies have plans which will cover the procedures and if any tests are needed in relation to diagnosing your infertility. We think this is really useful as often you will be required to give blood, have ultrasound and sometimes even exploratory surgery to determine the cause and to act as a starting point for treatment. This applies to you and your partner, although usually the male doesn’t need surgery. But again we advise to check all this with your insurance company prior to going ahead to any tests. Okay, so once you have a diagnosis here what happens, the bigger cost of infertility treatment starts to happen, starting at the lower end of the scale you may be advised to take a well known medication called Clomid , then you will have a few ultrasound tests, $200- $500, plus some more blood tests/draws to monitor your cycle, around again $200 per draw. If your doctor then recommends an IUI (intrauterine Insemination) this will be around $500 per insemination. So yep the cost of infertility treatment is not cheap and this is still towards the thinner end of the wedge.

If your clinic offers you a package where you will be monitored throughout your cycle you are usually looking at $900 - $1,500 which includes bloods and ultrasound but for only during that one monthly cycle.

To compound the cost of infertility treatment further, you could need an injectable gonadotropin, for one injection you are looking at $50, most are sold in five-vial boxes ($250) now you may use one-a-day for 5 -10 days ($250-$500) of your cycle. Occasionally, you my need six injections per day - $300 for 12 days - $3,600, it will depend on your diagnosis, protocols of the clinic and your response.

Then adding in luteal support – after the egg has been fertilized, progesterone and estrogen could amount to $200-300 per cycle, which is not to bad compared to what may come.

The cost of infertility treatment will now start to scale up and your expectations after you have explored all the less expensive cost of infertility treatment options, usually by taking the IVF route. Click here for the next step you will take and the cost of IVF treatment you maybe faced with, plus refund programs.

Or maybe you want to think about what thousands of women have done by following the natural route that has a really high success rate, in-fact 3 out of 4 women have gotten pregnant this way by Clicking Here just to ensure you have covered all those options before embarking on that expensive IVF treatment.