There are many causes of infertility.

Female Infertility

What are the causes of infertility? Well, infertility has many facets, but working out which one applies to you can be very easy or on the other hand very difficult.

Women are often blamed for their problems but the real truth is that both female and male factors share equally in the problem.

See below how infertility disorders or problems breaks down:

• One third is caused by female factors

• One third is attributed to male factors

• Nearly 20% of infertility is more difficult to explain

• Between 10% - 15% of problems is caused by a combination of female and male factors

The principal orgins of infertility problems or disorders in females are:

• Ovulatory disorders – no ovulation or irregular/intermittent ovulation

• Tubal disorders – infected or blocked tubes

• Uterine issues – polyps, adhesions or fibroids

Women can have blocked tubes from pelvic inflammatory disease, from a congenital malformation or from endometriosis. An ovulation can be caused by PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

Male Infertility

The most common infertility problems in men are all do with his sperm, such as:

• No sperm at all in the ejaculate

• Low sperm count

• Abnormally shaped sperm

• Decreased sperm motility

Men’s problems can be caused by number of differing factors such as a decreased sperm count which could be attributed to a disease such as diabetes. It could attributed to a birth defect or even by a trauma.

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Other Causes

Other causes of infertility are numerous but not insurmountable to overcome many causes of infertility and get your end result a beautiful baby. Click here how to conquer your causes of infertility.


One of these numerous causes is stress in all its varying degrees, which can have its effect on you conceiving and your monthly cycle. Stress in infertility is known as infertility stress. For more detailed information on infertility stress click here and read how you overcome it.

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Other causes can be obviously put down to lifestyle including alcohol, smoking and our usual demons such as fizzy or soda drinks, caffeine, Smoking, diet and alcohol all of which have their effects Click here for relationship between caffine and infertility.

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