The relationship between aromatherapy and infertility

While there is no conclusive medical evidence that links aromatherapy and infertility or that it directly boosts fertility. What aromatherapy does do is decrease high stress levels that are often linked to infertility. For the full benefit of aromatherapy it should be combined with a therapeutic massage with essential oils.

The practice of aromatherapy has been around for centuries in the Far East, and the practice of aromatherapy for infertility is becoming more widely popular among holistic practitioners in the West. The benefits of using fertility aromatherapy oils may increase your chances of conceiving, by increasing your reproductive health and reducing any stress that you maybe experiencing. Therefore, the relationship between aromatherapy and infertility can be mutually beneficial in restoring fertility.

The reason it is thought that using aromatherapy can help in reducing stress levels is by stimulating muscle relaxation by influencing the limbic system within the brain. This system controls our perception of stress and also our levels of cortisol.

Specific essential oils have properties which can help to soothe the mind and aid relaxation, and for you to achieve a relaxed state. Some oils that have these properties include: Bergamot, Chamonile, Melissa (AKA as Balm really helps with any menstural difficulties), Cedarwood and Jasmine. Also, Lavender (which relaxes and also improves libido), sandalwood, and patchouli, these all are just a few essential oils that may have a calming effect on the body. At infertility-answers we would stress that it is important that you use only therapeutic grade essential oils. To find out more on therapeutic essential oils click here.

Although aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for infertility do not directly solve infertility, they are able to aid reduce stress that goes along with the struggle of trying to get pregnant. Therefore if you can reduce your stress it can mean increasing your fertility and help regulate your monthly menstrual cycle helping you to conceive, so again there is that link between aromatherapy and infertility.

A good oil to use in aromatherapy for infertility problems is spice apple. The aroma of spice apple has shown to decrease blood pressure on average by three to five points, as found in one study with healthy volunteers. Spice apple also promotes blood circulation and decreases muscle tension.

We also recommend that you see a qualified aromatherapist to deal with any aromatherapy and infertility issues. This is because they will select the correct essential oils for you and help you relax in a calming atmosphere.

But if you want to try for yourself beforehand for simple massage or to know which oil to use in a diffuser or oil burner or for a lovely relaxing bath then if you live in the UK or Europe Click here for your own infertility and aromatherapy plan and if you live in the US, Click here My US aromatherapy and infertility plan.

Methodology of aromatherapy use.

* Bath: Add 5 to 10 drops (¼ml - ½ml) of essential oil to a warm bath, add oils just before you get in as if you put them in whilst the water is running much of it will evaporate.

* Diffuser: Often call oil burners or vaporizers, add 3-4 drops of your essential oil to the water in the well of your diffuser. This is heated by a candle - beeswax tealite are great they can last upto 8 hours.. When the oil vaporizes the healing properties is thought to enter the body through you nostrils in the nose - the limbic system.

* Massage: as essential oils are highly concentrated they need to be diluted in another oil before using/application. try diluting in grapeseed or almond oil a common dilution is around 2% (10drops essential oil to 2 tablespoons of base oil) An aromatherapy base massage can be a great pregnancy aphrodisiac as you and your partner take turns in massaging each other. Try daily from your final day of your period as this extremely helpful to the reproductive system.