Alternative Infertility Treatment Options – What are they?

Alternative Treatments

There are so many alternative infertility treatments to choose from and this can make it very very confusing especially deciding which is the right one for you or what is the right combination?

If you are unsure of any of the natural treatments then the best thing is to read around the subject ask your friends, join in a forum and get a real feel for it but most importantly, keep an open mind.

If you think that you should try some form of alternative infertility treatment to help boost your chances of conceiving then you’ve arrived at a pretty good place.

Alternative fertility treatment will certainly boost your chances, it does depend on the choice of alternative fertility treatment that you make and your own personal situation.

If you are receiving some form of ART treatment then there are additional fertility options available you can do and boost your chances even whilst undergoing IVF treatment.
--->CLICK HERE<--- But for personal reasons if you want a completely natural birth, then what are your options?

If you are stressed then some relaxing treatments my well start to help, Click Here, on the other hand if you feel that you must really boost your chances a bit more actively, firstly look at the natural tips page which has been put together to help you without any form of medical intervention natural or other wise. --->Click Here Tips on Conceiving Naturally<---

Okay, so what are the alternative infertility treatment options medically and non-medically open to you……. Firstly.

Vitamin Supplements

The goal of natural fertility supplements is to improve a women's overall health, and not just her infertility problems. Therefore and I am going to save you shed loads of money here, a good multivitamin has the correct amount amounts of the vitamins you need, so rarely do you need to supplement with additional vitamins. (remember the maximum daily recommended dose is found in most multivitamins) and your body will urinate out the excess – money down the toilet or what!

Plus, if you take excess amounts of fat soluble vitamins e.g. vitamin A which is stored in your body instead of being excreted, this can lead to liver disease, and birth defects when taken if you’re pregnant. So too much of a good thing comes to mind.

Should you take prenatal vitamin when trying to conceive, why not, the fundamental difference between prenatal and multivitamins is the greater concentration of folic acid and iron in the prenatal vitamins. Folic acid is imperative in pregnancy to prevent spinal and neural tube defects, while iron is often needed as a supplement for the loss of iron due to pregnancy.

Another big tip, OTC (Over the Counter) pre-natal vitamins may boast that they contain even higher levels of the necessary vitamins but you have to take them three times a day, best to get your doctor to prescribe vitamins which you only have to take once a day. But least keep it all in perspective, all the vitamins in world will not get you pregnant, but they will help you get into a good nutritional shape along with a proper healthy diet and good general taking care of yourself.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal treatments & Herbal supplements are being seen more and more as a good alternative infertility treatment, women have turned to herbs and herbal supplements to deal with their monthly cycles and menopausal changes among many other health related issues that are unique to women's health.

In recent years scientific research has started to validated many of these remedies. There are many special herbs and herbal supplements that can help women with health problems and other concerns such as loss or lack of libido, menopause problems, alternative infertility treatment and many other health issues. Herbal supplements can definitely boost your reproductive health.

Black cohosh helps balance hormonal levels, as does licorice. Licorice also works as an anti-inflammatory.

Wild yam can promote fertility; chaste tree lowers estrogen levels, while increasing progesterone. --->Click Here<--- for a more in-depth analysis herbal treatment and getting pregnant naturally.

Meditation and Yoga

While the link between infertility and stress is unclear, many experts agree that keeping a positive frame of mind is essential when trying to conceive and when undergoing fertility treatments like IVF, which can be very stressful.

Meditation is an excellent alternative infertility treatment in which to boost your overall health. It is known to reduce stress levels, blood pressure and heart rate. Meditation also helps increase energy levels and reduce gastronomical problems.

The key of meditation is mindfulness, that is, to achieve a state of mind in which one is aware of her surroundings.

Meditation techniques are fairly simple. By sitting quietly with good postural alignment, one should focus on breathing, taking slow, even breathes in and out. Focusing on a word or phrase (such as peace, joy, compassion) is also helpful in relaxing the mind.

Another popular alternative infertility treatment is yoga, which includes meditation. Fertility Yoga is for couples having trouble conceiving and combines traditional yoga postures and postures that are able to improve individuals reproductive health.

Yoga for fertility improves both female and male infertility by reducing stress levels. One example of fertility yoga is a forward bending posture, which is useful because the lower abdomen, home of the chakra (the body's main energy center), controls the reproductive organs. Yoga is seen by many as a very positive alternative infertility treatment as it involves both the mind and the body. Click here for a Fertility Yoga DVD.

Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and Reflexology

As an alternative infertility treatment there is no evidence that aromatherapy directly boosts fertility, although it does decrease the high stress levels that are often linked to infertility. Aromatherapy combines therapeutic massage with essential oils.

Spice apple, for example, decreased the blood pressure of one study's participants by an average of three to five points. Spice apple also promotes blood circulation and decreases muscle tension.

The ancient Chinese art of acupuncture reorganizes and balances an individual's bio energy, which in turn improves tissue function. It also decreases stress, migraines and muscle tension. Acupuncture practitioners are often aligned with many fertility clinics. As an alternative infertility treatment, acupuncture is seen by many in the medical profession as a positive alternative infertility treatment due to the amount of success seen in their clinics and clinical trials starting to be backed up with clinical evidence.

Another alternative infertility treatment is Reflexology (a touch therapy that stimulates the hands and feet) which boosts the immune system and decreases stress levels. It also balances hormones and helps cleanse the liver and colon

Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy is an alternative medical system that boosts the individual’s general health, both physically and emotionally.

Tailored specifically to each individual’s needs according to her symptoms, lifestyle, as well as her mental and physical health, homeopathic treatments are comprised of small doses of what are known as homeopathy remedies.

Homeopathy remedies are natural substances that are derived from plants, minerals and animals; they are then diluted in a series of several steps while maintaining their healing properties until they do not contain a single molecule of the original substances.

This process is necessary, as these remedies would produce illness or disease if prescribed in their natural forms or in greater quantities.

Specific remedies are used to treat specific illnesses, symptoms and conditions. Remedies are available in pellet, liquid and tablet forms. A typical dose is taken three times daily for a period of up to three days. Side effects should be few if taken as instructed. The FDA requires that all ingredients are listed.

Homeopathy remedies can help to treat a variety of male and female infertility problems by improving overall health, including reproductive health.

The following remedies are helpful in remedying female infertility by helping to alleviate underlying causes of infertility:

• Aurum: used for lack of sex drive & depression. • Phosphorus: for stress & emotional anxiety that can accompany infertility. • Sepia 6c: used to treat irregular or absent ovulation. • Sabina 6c: recommended for women who have suffered recurrent miscarriage. • Silica: this remedy is used to boost a woman’s weakened immune system.

The following homeopathy remedies are used to treat male infertility:

• Medorrhinum: often believed to help treat impotence. • Sepia 6c: to treat low sex drive.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Alternative infertility Treatments

The disadvantage really is that there is no conclusive evidence that alternative fertility treatment will boost fertility levels, but the advantages are that many experts and current medical opinion believe that herb and vitamin supplements, in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise like yoga and meditation can really help women conceive.