Is Acupuncture and Infertility Linked?

There is no doubt about it acupuncture and infertility are positively linked. Acupuncture has gained its place in treating infertility as more women have conceived with acupuncture and fertility treatment than with just fertility treatment alone. This has made acupuncture a popular beneficial choice as an excellent adjunct or addition to many US fertility treatment protocols. The proof in this is that many clinics in the US work with an acupuncturist or recommend someone who specializes in acupuncture and infertility. This form of therapy is often seen a complimentary, but quite beneficial to many.

Acupuncture treatment has been around for at least 5,000 years in Chinese medicine and based on the belief that personal health is determined by a balanced flow of energy (qi). It is practiced by inserting very fine special needles in the body’s pressure points on the body and sometimes around the head. This is not uncomfortable sometimes a slight tingling feeling for short period of time, but rather this than having conventional needle inserted for an injection.

This ancient treatment has several really useful facets to it; mainly is that it helps you relax, after all you could be going through quite a stressful time. Plus it is hoped that that this treatment will increase the blood flow to the uterus, improving you chances of conceiving. Acupuncture will also help by regulating your body's system and stabilize hormone levels, so aiding ovarian function as well as helping sperm production in males. So again highlighting how acupuncture and infertility treatment are connected in a very positive way.

A study of 160 patients published in 2002 by the peer reviewed medical journal Fertility & Sterility showed that using this treatment showed to be of positive effect when used in-conjunction with IVF. The study showed improved pregnancy rates. In the acupuncture group 42% were successful in becoming pregnant, whilst only 26% became pregnant in the non-acupuncture group. The relaxing effect of acupuncture is believed in helping relaxation and quieting the uterus and thus having an increased positive effect on embryos by regulating hormones. This trial certainly has had a positive effect on using acupuncture and has been of great interest to fertility professionals, who are starting to believe that actually acupuncture and infertility can benefit each other.

So how can it be used to treat fertility problems in both women and men. With men, it is believed to help raise sperm levels and productivity. With women, as previously stated it can help regulate hormones and aid with IVF treatment. Another thing to keep in mind is that unlike many drugs to treat fertility, this ancient treatment does not have any bad side effects.

Many people who use this Chinese treatment for their infertility find they have the most success when this is combined with a holistic approach. This means a combination of a good healthy diet, and the best herbal fertility supplements

If you consider this treatment ensure that you are treated by a certified acupuncturist as well as being a member of an acupuncturist society. Ensure that that they are aware of acupuncture and infertility issues and explain to you how to get the best out of your treatment. Also check out, if you are based in the U.S. if your state has rules and regulations for acupuncture practitioners as often they will provide you with good guidelines. In some U.S. states you will need a prescription from your doctor to be treated with acupuncture.

This procedure is not a one-off it will involve visiting the acpuncturist possibly several times a week over a course of weeks or even months. Usually you are looking at 12 sessions, each session should take an hour and included should be some discussion on how you are keeping, your thought on acupuncture and infertility issues, what you can do at home and what your doctor says.

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