UK Infertility Costs - how much?

Overall, UK infertility costs are not cheap, especially when you go privately, although the British NHS provides funding for 1 - 3 cycles of IVF treatment, but this depends on where you live or put another way which PCT (Patient Care Trust) you come under. It is a real postcode lottery. The majority of PCTs will pay for the first cycle, some for the second, but very few will pay for the third IVF cycle, even if fertility experts recommend three cycles, many PCTs just will not pay for all three cycles.

With the cuts in the UK NHS budget, some PCTs have stopped providing infertility treatment altogether. Therefore, UK infertility costs will increase for more infertile couples, so be prepared for a roller coaster ride.

To qualify for infertility treatment in the UK with the NHS, you must meet certain criteria which is:

  • You have met the clinical definition of infertility:
  • Have an identifiable cause to your infertility problems.
  • There are also further restrictions, which include the presence of existing children and if your age is above 40 years.

To work out UK infertility costs overall is difficult and often very confusing for couples. If you are going down the IVF route privately after trying all the other options, we recommend that you to get a quote from several different fertility clinics. Even within the private sector, UK infertility costs widely vary. Some will include the cost of medication in their final price, whilst others will quote solely for the infertility treatment procedure, without medication; so ask what is included in the quote, especially if it sounds too low, this is really important.

When you first see a fertility consultant your first consultation will be in the region of £150 - £200. Then before any infertility treatment is started, various diagnostic tests will need to be undertaken such as blood tests, ultrasound procedures and x-rays. The pricing of these diagnostic procedures range from £40 for the simple blood test to over £200 for ultrasound tests. For males a basic semen analysis can run to around £100, whereas an advanced version can cost over £350. Remember these prices are not absolute, but they can serve as a guide to get an idea of what may be involved financially when considering such treatments.

The price of private IVF drugs is not cheap either in the UK, one cycle can cost between £1,100 to £2,000, we recommend that you ask for quotes from your pharmacist and shop around, you will be amazed at the price difference between different pharmacy chains in your area.

Once your program starts your UK infertility costs begin to start to increase, because IVF treatment is extremely demanding both emotionally and financially. Most experts in fertility feel that on average, you will become pregnant only after three cycles of IVF treatment. The average IVF cost of the individual procedure is £3,000 - £8,000 per cycle, this works out between £9,000 - £24,000 on average, if three cycles are needed. Although the amount varies from clinic to clinic, and couple to couple, but even at the lowest end of the scale it is still a sizable amount to pay. Click here to increase your success with IVF treatment.

The actual IVF treatment cost will depend on whether such procedures such as ICSI are needed. ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is the process by which the sperm is injected into the egg and then left to grow in a special growth medium. Whether this procedure is necessary can be determined by an analysis known as sperm penetration assays where a test sample of sperm is analyzed to see if it can puncture a hamster egg. 

How to reduce your UK infertility costs

Options to reduce your costs could be to provide donor eggs or egg sharing to other infertile women when undergoing a cycle of IVF. This “egg donor-sharing program” may not be offered by all clinics, but it can reduce your infertility costs substantially and is worth enquiring about according to HEFA (Human Fertility and Embryology Authority). There will also be the option for couples to freeze their embryos for later use. Frozen embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen and the service for embryo freezing will be a chargeable option.

Treatment Packages.

Many private clinics can provide a treatment package, we advise you to find out what exactly is included in the package as medications may not be included or extra scan, tests or additional procedures may also not be included, you may end up paying lots on top. Check if you are able to have a conversion package, this is where your treatment has to be stopped or you have to have a change of treatment.

Getting the right infertility care can be a long and difficult road and getting it at an affordable price requires a lot of patience and asking the right questions. It all adds to the stress you are probably already under-going; click here on Infertility stress and how to beat it.

Key Points.

  • Check with your local PCT what funding they provide – your GP can tell you.
  • If you go privately, get several quotes and ensure they detail exactly what your treatment involves.
  • Get quotes from pharmacy chains for any drugs you may need.
  • Ensure you have covered all the options before going privately including natural options –
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    offering great natural results.

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    We Wish You Good Luck With Your Treatment.