Pregnancy over 40 is not always easy, but it can be achieved!

Pregnancy over 40 is not always easy, but of course it can be achieved. First, let’s look at the statistics. The optimum age for women to become pregnant is around 18 years old and stays that way until through their 20s, the downward trend slowly falls at around 30. By the time a women has reached 36 - 40 the chances are getting smaller with a third of women having difficult conceiving, so wanting a pregnancy over 40 the statistics show that nearly a two thirds (66%) of women have problems between 41 and 45. But don’t be despondent remember 20% of under 35 year old have problems, so your chances are really comparable. CLICK HERE for your Pregnancy after 40 plan.

Look at this another way, more and more women are having babies much later in life with over 20% of women having a child over 35 and now the average age of first baby is increasing at 25.

Let’s keep it all in perspective, your wanting a pregnancy over 40, your fertility doesn’t just drop off or stop over 40 it only decreases over time.

There are lots of studies that show that women wanting a pregnancy over 40 happens, even if they are in a pre menopause stage (stage prior to menopause) which can last up to 10 years before and sub-fertility for as long as 5 to 7 years, before the onset of actual menopause and the average age of the menopause is 51 years.

So is pregnancy over 40 harder? The short answer is yes it can be harder, but it’s not impossible. "Discover How Lisa Olson, a nutritionist, health consultant and former infertility sufferer who thought she was infertile got pregnant at age 43" By CLICKING HERE

There are lots of techniques and procedures available such as egg, sperm and embryo donor-ship, and even if you follow some of the tips on this website, Tips on Conceiving they will help you, achieve your aim of pregnancy over 40. You have to get yourself into the correct 33% in-order that you can get pregnant after 40.

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If you get yourself in the best health possible, then you will be in the best baby-making shape, so think about your own personal nutrition, could I improve my diet? Do I do enough exercise? (Only 30 minutes a day) do you get enough sleep? These are questions you could ask yourself and only you know the true answer.

See your doctor and ask his advice, better still see a specialist who has experience of working with pregnancy for over 40's usually it's a reproductive endocrinologist. Remember to ask this question,‘What is your experience working with women over 40 wanting to get pregnant’? As not all fertility doctors are experienced in the over 40's age group.

Be patient remember this is a marathon, not a sprint, do not put high expectations on yourself that it will happen soon, you will only set yourself up for major disappointment. Also, do not compare yourself to a younger female who has a bit better statistically chance than you, even if she had fertility problems and has been successful you are probably slightly different. Remember we all fall outside statistics why shouldn’t you achieve pregnancy after 40, unless your doctor has diagnosed you with serious complications. If you work with your physician and have a plan which is personal and tailored to meet your own needs, you can be pregnant over 40.

Consider the other options, could you use third party solutions? like donor egg, sperm donor-ship, implants of embryo. What about adoption or surrogacy? To learn about surrogacy and surrogate mother information, pros and cons of surrogacy, cost of surrogacy, becoming a surrogate mother, laws on surrogacy and other surrogacy issues.
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Alternative Treatments

Looking at natural alternative treatments , many women use acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal treatments , yoga or massage. The alternative treatments like massage or yoga are great on the mind and body, they won’t reverse your ovarian aging (nor does conventional medicine) but they sure can help, why because they are known to decrease stress, help you tune into your body’s own signals. Alternative treatments are good and useful to run alongside your agreed plan to get you pregnant after 40, naturally. To optimize your chances naturally with natural medicine promoting hormonal balance and reproductive wellness CLICK HERE

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Drugs, surgery, or illustrative and typical infertility treatments (IVF or IUI) could decrease the opportunities of getting pregnant. The author summarizes these treatments in her book. What the guide tells are the natural ways and solutions to becoming pregnant. Therefore, I am favor of this useful book.

Lisa illustrates her idea from various points, such as: what kind of food you should take or avoid, what kind of herbs or supplements you should have, how to make sex work to your advantage for pregnancy.

You should believe what Lisa says in her book; because she has spent 14 years on investigation and research of pregnancy miracle, the methods she advises were tested and it’s proved that the proposals do work.

There is even a most inconceivable case that a woman, Holly Preston was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis and doctors wanted to do a hysterectomy. But she refused and tried following the guides of the author and the book "Pregnancy Miracle". Then she was pregnant with twins.

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