Naturopathy for Infertility; How one can bannish the other.

Naturopathy for infertility treatment is often mentioned in the media together, but how will it help and what is naturopathic medicine? Naturopathy is a holistic method of healing that appreciates and enhances the ability of the healing power of nature. Naturopathic medicine is made up of successful herbal remedies and are been used increasingly more widely used in treating infertility.

How will it work for Infertility?

Naturopathy for infertility problems works by treating the underlying cause of infertility, to achieve good overall health that may have been compromised by lifestyle, genetic, or dietary imbalances. So it will help in cases with PCOS, irregular cycles, endometriosis, and improve IVF (in-vitro-fertilization) treatment and IUI (intra-uterine-insemination).

Naturopathy for infertility treatment has become more popular as naturopathy addresses your own body issues, in order for you to reach best possible health. It does this by achieving the right hormonal balance and thereby improving your fertility. Within this belief, naturopathy aims to support and aid the body to heal itself with the use of herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle advice.

So what will be the naturopathic treatment for infertility?

For naturopathy and infertility treatment to be successful, firstly, you would firstly discuss with your naturopathic practitioner your lifestyle, medical history, you may undertake a physical examination, they tend to consider your physical features and your emotional tone.

This is usually a lengthy process often around a couple of hours. After the consultation they will make an assessment then discuss with you their findings and apply the most appropriate method or methods of treatments for your condition. They usually will look to combine dietary and lifestyle modifications, a pathology assessment (causes and effects of problem), any nutritional support if required or needed and usually herbal medicine treatment. When this is all combined usually over a period of six weeks or depending on your naturopath, this treatment can dramatically improve chances of conception.

For naturopathy for infertility treatment to be successful your diet is usually key, so eating natural organic foods maybe a better option, but overall try for fresh foods every day, avoid all processed foods. It is well documented that processed foods do not contain as much natural nutrients as unprocessed fresh foodstuffs, plus you may be eating things which affect your fertility with some of the build up of additives included in processed foods. Drinking a sufficient amount of water will be necessary also, just to keep fluid levels at an optimum for the ovaries and sperm to receive the correct amount of liquids.

There will probably be some lifestyle changes and most likely they suggest stop smoking if you smoke. The reason, is very documented but non-smokers find it easier to get pregnant. Stopping smoking will improve the lining of the womb and can make men’s sperm more potent. Becoming a non-smoker increases the chances of conceiving through IVF and reduces your chances of having a miscarriage. But more importantly, it does improve your the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby as non-smokers have an increased blood flow to the uterus.

Being at a healthy weight improves your chances of conceiving as conversely being underweight or overweight can lower your chances of conceiving. So any naturopathy for infertility treatment may well included some dietary advice.

One cause of infertility is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which is made worse by being overweight or obese. There is overwhelming evidence that everyone needs to be physically active, try aiming for 30 minutes per day or at least trying for 150 minutes of moderate – intense aerobic activity each week, but if you have not being to physical recently, we recommend trying a training get-fit program for new beginners.

Drinking alcohol sensibly or better still stop for a while maybe a better option; women who regularly exceed the recommended daily alcohol limits of 2-3 units per day may damage their chances of conceiving. The same might be said about caffeine consumption as that has links to infertility, so reduce your caffeine intake, again to improve your chances of conception.

Avoid radiation i.e. X-rays and dangerous chemicals, as exposure to radiation and chemicals such as glycolester, found in some paints, can damage fertility, also aerosol sprays as well as pesticides used to grow fruit and vegetables. These chemicals tend to affect progesterone and estrogen levels.

So in conclusion, naturopathy treatment for infertility has its place, it helps restore balance back to the body, restore your body and enables you to conceive easier, looks at the causes and treats the root cause. It is not invasive or toxic or comes with side effects. Thousands of women have tried and conceived by clicking here on naturopathy for infertility treatment and conceived, now its your turn.