Get Pregnant Fast - You Can Do It!

How to get pregnant fast, how many times have we heard that, especially if your clock is running. There are so many tips on how to get pregnant fast, but remembering them all can be quite a headache and also rather mechanical rather like crossing off the points on the list. Some are obvious so that is easy to remember, some do not apply, even easier, but some are what you may be missing and so those are the ones you need to make a note of. We have tried to make our tips as simple as possible to improve your chances of getting that beautiful baby.

Firstly there is the section below which everyone should be doing, e.g. lifestyle, (diet & exercise) and recognizing your body's signals and then there are some not so obvious tips on how to get pregnant fast and really increasing your chances, many of which you can do really easily, but may have never thought of.

Tips on How To Get Pregnant fast that everyone should be doing.

• You should try to do some form of regular exercise not only improving your overall fitness but will help you regulate your body's natural regulation of your menstrual cycle and so help your fertility. If you are already doing regular exercise great, ensure you are not over-doing it, aim for 30 minutes per day with a minimum of 3 times a week.

• Getting baby fit as we call it, what that means is having a healthy weight along with a well balanced diet with plenty of whole grains and three to five serving of fresh fruit and vegetables per day, including fresh juice which can count as one serving.

• Keep any alcohol and caffeine intake to a minimum, try to stop altogether, if you smoke do your best to stop, I know that it's hard, take the attitude if millions of people have done it, so can I. There are lots of ways of stopping smoking.

• There is no secret to this, recognizing your body's signals. Most of these signals happen 1 – 2 days before ovulation, hey plenty of warning for improving your chances of trying to get pregnant fast. But remember timing is everything, having sex to early or late means waiting until next month. The best way to track your O-day is to start tracking it so click here to Work Out Your O-day Then 2 - 3 days before start making love, remember that sperm will stay alive for that period to help fertilize your egg. This method will increase your probable chances of conceiving and get pregnant fast. Click here to Work Out Your O-day

Super Tips on How To Get Pregnant Fast:

Tip 1: Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

• Record your basal body temperature (BBT) which is an old but simple method. You must record your body temperature as soon as you wake up, do not do anything before taking your temperature or you will raise your body temperature.

Buy a special BBT thermometer which has large numbers and reads up to 100 degrees or so. Each one-tenth of a degree is much easier to read. Then record your temperature preferably on an ovulation graph. You will notice your temperature drops and is at its lowest when your period commences. If you track your temperature and its constant, which is OK, as soon as it drops then have sex. Click Here Get Your Special BBT Thermometer This method does have a downside to it. You need to be constantly taking your temperature once a day preferably in the morning, and then you have to record it and chart it for month. It can be influenced by other factors such as flu, drinking alcohol, even too much or too little sleep and of course illnesses.

But your BBT will give you a really good idea whether you’re pregnant or not, if it stays high for more than 15 days, your chances are good, if it starts to fall at 10 days you may have a luteal phase defect, check this with your doctor. Basically it means that your progesterone may be too low to sustain a pregnancy.

Tip 2: Cervical Mucus

Cervical Mucus, this changes around the time of ovulation it gets thinner and stretcher to enable sperm to break though to the uterus, the rest of the time it is quite thick to enable it to protect the uterus from invading bacteria from the vagina.

Also the mucus becomes more alkaline so sperm can live longer in this type of environment. You can test the alkalinity by buying a kit normally called TesTape. TesTape is a thin roll of paper, you tear of a piece wrap it around your finger, you put your finger up your vagina with paper around until you reach your cervix, then when you bring out your finger the paper will have changed colour. If it is blue or dark green your mucus is alkaline and turns like this a few days before ovulation and you are good to go. After ovulation cervical mucus becomes cloudy or white and rather scarce. Click Here -->To Get Very Fertile Cervical Mucus<--

Tip 3: Assessing Your Cervix

This is fairly easy, carefully inserting a clean index finger into your vagina; you will feel a firm bump that feels a bit like the end of your nose. You have found it.

Your cervix changes at different times of the month, around ovulation it is soft, a bit like your lips and will be slightly open in the centre, plus there is a bit more moisture around, this helps the sperm on its journey through your cervix.

In actual fact your cervix moves to lower and more central position during ovulation, making it easier to find but more importantly aligns itself directly with ejaculated sperm, improving your changes of trying to conceive.

Big Tip 4: Fertility Chart

Fertility charts are just that a way of observing your body’s natural fertility signals, and you record them, e.g. your body temperature, changes in cervix and cervical mucus. This way you can become quite expert when your O day is arriving and so increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

The best way of getting a fertility chart is by downloading a chart ready for you to fill in Click Here to Get Yours

Big Tip 5: Saliva Tests

Saliva tests are relatively new and far as prediction tests go are pretty good. They basically measure the amount of salt in your saliva if there is rise, this will be in-line with your estrogen rise. It works by doing the saliva test every day starting at the first day of your cycle. At first looking through the viewing slide in the test you will see little dots which indicate you’re not fertile yet, but as your ovulation comes closer those dots turn into fern-like shapes and when they cover the slide completely, and then you’re good to go and about to ovulate. This takes about 5 minutes out of your day for your slide to dry and you can read it with a good degree of accuracy.

The other great thing about saliva tests is that they are clean unlike urine based ovulation prediction kits. They are more expensive but can work out less expensive than buying ovulation predictor kits every month.

Tip 6: Ovulation Predictor Kits

These are really popular tests when and if you are ovulating. They are known as OPKs or ‘pee-sticks’ and basically measure the amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) which is excreted through your urine. LH will generally rises 24 – 36 hours before ovulation, so you have to measure it and as soon as it rises (LH surge) this is your time to try to conceive and get on the job to try and get pregnant.

The disadvantages with ‘pee sticks’ is that if women have polycystic ovaries they tend to have high LH all the time so the kits will measure positive all the time. Women over 40 or those with premature ovarian failure (POF) can have a higher than normal LH, this is due to LH and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) both rise in premature ovarian failure. Also some tests are difficult to read and need to be done with care for good results or start to show positive only when the LH surge reaches 40mIU/ml, the international standard for a LH surge.

Our advice is to look for a kit that registers at 20mlIU/ml as many women may not have a surge that shows a surge as high as 40mlIU/ml. If you have regular cycles start testing around day 16 before you expect your next period, if your cycles are irregular you need to start testing sooner for your best chances to get pregnant fast. The general is length of normal cycle deduct 17 days and start testing. E.G. Length of normal cycle 21 days start testing at day 4 after your last period. Length of normal cycle 30 days start testing at day 13 after your last period

Remember that most kits show a positive as a line dark as or darker than the control line. Read the test kit at exactly the time indicated. Remember the best indication of a surge is when the test line is as dark or darker that the control line.

Other things to consider with Ovulation Predictor kits (OPKs) is that this test measures concentration of LH if too concentrated it may show a false positive so do not test first thing in the morning. Also if you have just drank a con of soda or pop your urine will look clear as it is too diluted. The best time to test is about 2 hours after eating and you have not had a drink for an hour or so, so your urine looks yellow but not too dark. --> Click Here For Yours<--

Big Tip7: Fertility monitor

A good thing to buy is fertility monitor, which is basically a small computer that stores data about your cycle and tells you when you’re going to ovulate. OK they a bit labor intensive; you start testing the first day of your period usually in morning as registers both your LH and estrogen levels and predicts your ovulation about 5 days before it occurs giving you a best chance to conceive, remember have the sperm waiting there for the egg to drop. Plus you can use this if taking fertility medication and it SETS itself to your cycle if you are irregular. Click Here To Grab Your FDA Approved Monitor

Tip 8. The Biggest Selling Pregnancy book on the Web

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What the guide tells you are the natural ways and solutions to becoming pregnant. Therefore, I am favor of this very useful book. The author illustrates her idea from various points, such as: what kind of food you should take or avoid, what kind of herbs or supplements you should have, how to make sex work to your advantage for pregnancy.

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Big Tip 9: Alternative Treatments

Herbal treatments and supplements have shown to be very effective in achieving pregnancy, also there is good natural medicines for men to improve their sperm count.

Do these treatments get you pregnant fast? do they work, well they have been used for centuries in fertility treatment, but it does need to be practiced by a skilled person with knowledge of the herbs and treatments. Click Here to Find out more on

Herbal Infertility Treatment.

Big Tip 10: Reducing your Stress Levels

If the whole process is stressing you and your partner out, think about some calming therapies that can help you lower your stress levels , such as acupuncture , yoga and massage and get pregnant fast.