Blocked Fallopian Tubes? Unblock Them and Conceive Quickly!

Overview of Problems with Blocked Fallopian Tubes.

Blocked fallopian tubes or problems with fallopian tubes happens for a variety of reasons, for example if you have had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have a tube removed due to life threatening internal bleeding. Although, you can still get pregnant with one tube but are at higher risk of another ectopic pregnancy. Women who have only one ovary and one fallopian tube can still get pregnant if the ovary is on the right and the tube is on the left as the egg can float across, and this can happen vice-versa.

But you may know already that you have blocked fallopian tubes by having had the standard HSG test (a Hysterosalingogram). A special dye is injected into the cavity of your uterus then observed by a series of x-rays as the dye travels into the fallopian tubes. If your doctor told you that your tubes were very swollen and the dye didn’t flow through them, then you usually have “hydrosalpinx”’ which is the medical term for chronically infected. On the other hand if both of your tubes were enlarged then this is known as “hydrosalpinges.” What this means is that the tubes are infected and both filled with serous or clear fluid and resembles a sausage-like or bag shape and may reach several centimetres across.

Implications of Hydrosalpinx Block Fallopian Tubes.

The dilated tube can’t pick up your egg, where the fimbriae, the end, which is blocked by scarring, usually caused by previous surgery or infections. The embryo if it does make it to the uterus by traveling down the other tube or is placed there by IVF may be unable to survive due to infected debris from the tube drips which have flowed down the into the uterus, resulting in a hostile place for the embryo to thrive.

What’s the Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

The usual treatment is surgery, what happens in mild cases is that the ends of the tube is opened up and peeled back like a banana. But if your doctor says your case is rather more severe then this type of surgery will not be an option and they usually suggest surgical removal. Then you proceed to IVF treatment , this is due that your eggs can no longer float down to your uterus. This is particularly tough to take, as it will probably end any chance of getting pregnant completely naturally on your own, but you will increase your chance of conceiving and getting pregnant.

Occasionally blocked tubes may be due to adhesions also known as scarring which is preventing the egg being picked up. This maybe due to endometriosis , i.e. you have tissue growths found in and around the fallopian tubes, this is easier to deal with click here, but if you click here for way of clearing blocked fallopian tubes , you can resolve this. How? Firstly, supporting the body to clear adhesions and scar tissues. Secondly, increasing your circulation to your reproductive system and finally, cleansing your reproductive system. Can you afford not to try? . Unblock Those Tubes Here

Doing a Self Fertility Massage

There are quite a lot of advantages to massaging your stomach, as once you start this you begin to soften uop and loosen the adhesions on your tubes. If you do this on a regular basis the the benefits will be the reduction of any debris and helping get circulation take it away and fresh blood rushing through. So doing it on a regular basis will increase your chances of conceiving and is quite stress releiving. Try for the benfits yourself. Click Here Cick Here for more Benefits of Self Fertility Massage

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